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Where education, faith, and family come together.

What is Faith Church all about?

At Faith church, you're family. From the moment you walk in our doors to the minute you leave we want you to feel like you belong.  Our church services are filled with fellowship, music, laughter, and the Word of God. We have several ministries including Women's Missionary Fellowship, Port Orange Community Garden, Threads of Comfort (quilting group), Sunday school, gospel music concerts, men's breakfast, children's church, Wednesday night bible study, Sunrise Coast Christian Academy, and so much more.  

Join us Sunday mornings @ 10:30 AM and Wednesday nights @ 7 PM

We can't wait to meet you!

 SCCA is a ministry of Faith Church of the United Brethren in Christ. 

The United Brethren church is….

  • Evangelical. Theologically, we enjoy solid evangelical credentials.
  • Not huge. We have about 200 churches in the United States. Being huge has its advantages, but that’s not who we are.
  • International. We include churches in 18 countries, and a presence in a number of others.
  • Welcoming. We gladly link arms with other Christian denominations, organizations, and groups to accomplish Christ’s mission.
  • Church-focused. We’re not big on denominational stuff. The local church is where things happen.
  • Averse to hangups. We take stands where necessary, but avoid areas where Christians can legitimately disagree. We don’t like to scare people off or fight each other.
  • Historic. We’ve been around for nearly 250 years. In fact, we were the first new denomination to begin in the New World. For whatever that’s worth.